With a drive for excellence, this organic farm is making big changes in the pork industry.

When first approached by this client, he was looking to be set apart from the status quo in the pork industry. He wanted something that spoke to the change he was out to make.

We started by exploring others in the industry, and began to develop the best strategy to create a visual identity the evoked a feeling of friendliness, stewardship, and excellence.

Services Provided

  • Market Positioning
  • Brand Strategy
  • Logo Design
  • Asset Packet

Use Cases

  • Packaging
  • Social media
  • Market signage

Color palette

The Rooted Pig is more than a farm. It’s a ray of sunshine for the humble hog, rooted in excellence, providing a better life and better experience for all. The color palette chosen represents this, bringing life and vibrance to the brand.









Project Outcome

Early Impact

Developing an effective brand strategy allowed the client to make pre-sales prior to launching the first cohort of pigs, and build a following on social media. This allowed The Rooted Pig to clearly and effectively communicate their mission as a responsible and sustainable farm to the community they serve.

Sustaining Results

The farm is now up and running, with little forest-raised piggies running about, living a wonderful and nourished life. They are living as they should, maintaining a symbiotic relationship with the land, and creating change in the pork industry.

“We set out to change the way people perceive pork farms. Pigs are wonderful creatures, and we believe they should have the best life possible while under our care.”

Zac DavisonCEO & Head Farmer, The Rooted Pig