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AcrePro Pitch Deck

Brand Design & Asset Development

AcrePro is a real estate brokerage that specializes in buying and selling land. They required a pitch deck to showcase their services.

With the rising popularity of land as an asset class, AcrePro aimed to attract the attention of agents, investors, and media. We created a unique pitch deck that highlighted AcrePro’s ability to connect buyers with the outdoors, helping them stand out from competitors.

To effectively communicate this information to potential investors, real estate buyers, and media, we developed a custom pitch deck that debuted at the Farmland Investor Summit in November 2021. The pitch deck also served as a template, allowing for easy editing with evergreen slides that could be added or removed.

Services Provided

  • Brand Design
  • Deck Template Design

Strategy & Messaging

The primary use of this pitch deck was to recruit real estate agents to join the “Land Specialists” at AcrePro. As a land real estate brokerage, AcrePro had a lot of specialized detail they wanted to convey.

In order to keep the real estate information digestible, we began the process of refining and tuning the copy to be concise and effective. To prevent cognitive overload on text-heavy slides, we paired down the text to a digestible amount while still giving context to the services that AcrePro offers to its agents.

In cognitive psychology, a cognitive load is nothing but the number of working memory resources. A Cognitive Overload is, by definition, a situation where one is given too much information at once, or too many simultaneous tasks, resulting in not being able to perform or process the information as it would otherwise happen if the amount was instead sustainable. Source

Brand Design

AcrePro sits at the intersection of agriculture, finance, and technology, with a primary function to sell land. This meant that the brand needed to have a bold, hi-tech, precise look and feel that felt in line with the financial technology companies that they were competing with.

We did this by utilizing starkly contrasting backgrounds with subtle detailed line patterns to convey a sense of precision and boldness. The bright green hue used in the brand has a hi-tech feel, while also giving a nod to both real estate and finance.

Final Pitch Deck

The resulting slides of this pitch deck were very successful, bringing in dozens of new agents and investment attention to AcrePro.

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