Celia Swanson

Website & Branding

Celia Swanson was the first female EVP at Walmart, and is known for people development, culture strategy and championing women.

After leading a large-scale transformation for Walmart US, Celia moved on to pursue her passion of championing women to achieve their fullest potential, as well as identify what they want out of their career and build plans to reach their goals.

To be better equipped in reaching the audience she was after, Celia was needing a brand refresh. Her old brand was growing a bit stale, didn’t reach her target audience in the way she had hoped, and was in need of some upgrades under the hood.

We took a multi-pronged approach to address Celia’s challenges, first-most being an entire website audit. We combed through her content, added new content in key areas to more fully encompass the ideas she wanted to share, and optimized her SEO to be more searchable and accessible.

What we left with was a dramatically refreshed website and brand image, the kick-off for her new podcast, as well as an in-depth library of resources and guides for her clientele.

Services Provided

  • Website Design
  • Brand Consulting
  • Asset Development